Student Accommodation Interiors

Lindsay Wilson Concepts believe students need a creative, diverse, rich and supportive environment to excel at their studies.

We are committed to providing this environment and being the leaders in student accommodation furniture, furnishings and fitout in Australia.

Lindsay Wilson Concepts, one of the leading home furniture rental solutions in Australia aims to make you feel at home even in a rented property by providing comprehensive furniture packages that are stylish, modern, functional and also easy on your pockets. Stop worrying about logistics of furnishing your student accommodation if you are an international student studying and living in Australia. We provide university accommodation furniture in Australia and also installation to ensure that you don’t have to do the hard work of selecting and moving awkward furniture pieces.

Turn your student accommodation into a comfortable and stylish haven with our state-of-art furniture that offers superior functionality and chic designs for your living room, dining room, bedroom and other spaces. You can also customise your own collection of furniture and furnishings by assembling furniture from our extensive range of furniture styles, designs and patterns.

Benefits of Choosing Lindsay Wilson Concepts for all your Student Accommodation F, F & E Requirements

  • We offer you a completely efficient and effective service from the initial planning and consultation stages of your project to the installation of your furniture.
  • Get superior quality, stylish designs, and functionality within a budget.
  • Don’t have to hire a truck for furniture delivery and installation as we will handle the delivery and installation for you.
  • Get all home essentials along with the furniture and save time and resources.
  • Furniture packages are designed to meet individual need so you need not worry about anything.
  • Option to purchase or rent. We offer flexible leases for temporary or short term requirements.

Coverage Areas

We offer collegs, universities and boarding schools furniture in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all areas of Australia. We also give you the option to select your own pieces or utilise our designers to do this for you from our extensive range of furniture and accessories.

Trust our Experts

Lindsay Wilson Concepts have trained and experienced professionals who take care of your specific needs and ensure that your buying or renting experience is smooth and hassle-free. Contact us immediately for help from our expert team who will help you perfect your student accommodation furniture requrements.

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