Property Styling & Staging

Lindsay Wilson Concepts are here to help you achieve the highest possible sale price for your property. With a huge range of furniture and furnishings our experts can stage all properties from compact apartments to high end properties; from new build homes to older style homes.

When inspecting a property buyers are looking for not just a house but a home; a place they can call their own, somewhere they can imagine themselves coming home to at the end of every day. A properly presented property results in a quicker sale. And quicker sales mean higher prices are achieved.

Lindsay Wilson Concepts understand the challenges of selling a property. It is a known fact that homes staged with tasteful furniture and accessories sell faster than empty properties. Vacant houses seem barren to potential buyers, they fail to visualise and imagine a life in the premises. We offer customised property staging solutions so that potential buyers can imaging life in your aesthetically staged property and it sells faster. Our extensive inventory includes, furniture, furnishings, rugs, artwork, lighting, greenery and other accessories. The contemporary designs of furniture and the vibrant furnishings will add to the warmth of the house and make it look welcoming so that you can sell it at a higher price.

Customised Service

Our expert professionals help you depersonalise your home so that it appeals to prospective buyers. Property staging in Australia is an investment that is designed to highlight the best features of your property and remove focus from the flaws if there are any. Lindsay WIlson Concepts offer professional home stagers convenient and affordable solutions so that they can successfully achieve their goals and sell the property quickly at a maximum price.

Quality Matters

At Lindsay Wilson Concepts we believe that the quality of furniture and furnishings are of utmost importance for home staging. Adept staging techniques, superior quality furniture and elegant design will help you attract the attention of potential buyers to the best architecturaly features of your property. We give empahises on maintaining the furniture in optimum conditions and often replenish old stock with modern and fashionable designs that are trending in the market. Avail our exhaustive range of furniture for property staging within your budget and create a more inviting space that will allure prospective buyers.

Benefits of Home Staging

  • It will ensure that you receive a high selling amount for the staged property.
  • It provides buyers a frame of reference about the size of the rooms in the home.
  • Highlights the positive attributes of the home and removes focus from negative aspects.
  • The potential buyer will fall in love with your property and be ready to settle.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free and stress-free selling experience through property staging.
  • Notice a significant increase in buyer interest in the market.
  • Save a great deal of money by renting furniture instead of purchasing.

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